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The Manjushri Virtual Library

    Forest Meditation tradition - Phra Ajaan Mun
    This site is dedicated to the Teachers and Teachings of the Forest Meditation tradition of Thailand, founded by Phra Ajaan Mun and his teacher Phra Ajaan Sao. Collection of books, photos and other information about the tradition and centers related to this tradition.

    Abhidhamma Vipassana
    Books and articles about Theravada Buddhism. Suitable for beginner to advanced. The develo pment of satipatthana vipassana.

    Access to Insight: Readings in Theravada Buddhism   - A library of readings from Theravada Buddhism. Search, browse, and download over 600 translated discourses by the Buddha, plus many transcriptions of Dhamma books and talks.

    Dhamma Study - Articles for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels written by Nina van Gorkom, Sujin Boriharnwanaket, and others on meditation, vipassana, citta, and satipatthana in the Tripitaka, Buddha dharma, Theravada tradition of Thailand.

    A Bibliography on Sinhala Buddhism - The Theravaada form of Buddhism that grew in Sri Lanka also known as Sinhala Buddhism. Article also refers to the later form of Buddhism which was called Protestant Buddhism, after it was influenced by Protestant Christian missionaries. Also mentions Colonel Henry Steel Olcott.

    Buddha Dhamma teaching by Ajahn Chah - In memory of the Dhamma Teaching of Ajahn Chah, with photos of Ajahn Chah and some of his teachings.

    Buddhadasa Bhikkhu - A brief biography of Buddhadasa Bhikkhu. Although his formal education only went as far as ninth grade and beginning Pali studies, he was given five Honorary Doctorates by Thai universities. His books, both written and transcribed from talks, fill a room at the National Library and influence all serious Thai Buddhists.

    Buddhasasana - Articles on the Theravada in English.

    Buddhist Spiritual Sound Recordings - Audio recordings of teachings online in the RealAudio & Windows Media formats.

    Chieng Mai Dhamma Study Group: Theravada Buddhist books, essays, talks and reflections - An inclusive and comprehensive collection of books, essays, talks and reflections centering on Theravada Buddhism. The site has an introductory section; a section of practical advice about meditation and Buddhist practice; an academic section; a section dealing with the application of Buddhist principles to economics, society, science, and so on; a section relating personal experiences; and a section of reflections.

    Cyber-Buddhist Initiative - A community project for bringing useful Buddhist information to the citizens of the Internet.

    Dhammaduta-The Theravada Bhikkhu Sangha in the Buddhist Borderlands - Records the establishment of the bhikkhu sangha (order of monks) in countries outside the traditional Theravada countries of South East Asia.

    DhammaWeb - Theravada Buddhism in the UK. Many articles and discources.

    A Handful of Leaves - A library of readings from Theravada Buddhism. Over 500 translated discourses by the Buddha, plus transcriptions of Dhamma books and talks.

    Introduction to Buddhism - Birmingham Buddhist Vihara - Introduction to Buddhism

    Introduction to Vijja Dhammakaya meditation - Introduction to a meditation technique practiced in Thailand.

    Khmer-Buddhist Educational Assistance Project - The Cambodian Buddhist Educational Assistance Project (KEAP) assists Cambodian Buddhist temple communities following the near-destruction of Buddhism in Cambodia during the 1970s. Learn about Cambodian Buddhism.

    Nanavira Thera Dhamma Page - Site with writings of Nanavira Thera, who was born in England and became a buddhist monk in Ceylon.

    Nibbana.com - The Buddhists' Three Jewels and the Way to Nibbana. Web site managed by a Buddhist Family Group aiming to present the English Translation of the Tipitaka, teachings of the Buddhist monks from Burma (Myanmar) and articles by other distinguished monks and lay authors on Theravada Buddhism and cultural aspects of Buddhists in the 'Land of Pagodas'.

    Sadhu! The Theravada Buddhism Web Directory - An extensive, searchable web directory of Theravada Buddhism.

    Samaggi Phala - The Buddhist Web from Indonesia, including texts, DhammaTalk, news, Temples, Meditation Centers, etc.

    Selected discourses of Webu Sayadaw

    Suan Mokkh - Translations of the writings of Buddhadasa Bhikkhu, who became famous and controversial in Thailand for his fresh, radical, provocative reinterpretation of Theravada Buddhism.

    Thailand Buddhism World Wide Web - Thai Buddhist articles (eng & thai)

    Theravada Net - About Buddhism Theravada. Contains a lot of information about the original teachings of The Buddha.

    Tricycle.com: Theravada-related sites

    What Did The Buddha Teach? - Collected articles of His Holiness Somdet Phra Nyanasamvara, the Supreme Patriarch of the Thai Theravada tradition.

    Zolag-Books and articles on Theravada Buddhism - Books, Articles, Views and News on Theravada Buddhism. This is the site of Zolag, a publisher of books and articles on Theravada Buddhism.

    Ethical Particularism in Theravaada Buddhism - An article on the site of the Journal of Buddhist Ethics.

    Forest Sangha Newsletter - The Forest Sangha is a world-wide Buddhist community in the Thai Forest tradition of Ajahn Chah. The newsletter contains news, views, articles, contact addresses, forthcoming events, retreat schedules &etc

    Insight Magazine Online - Includes articles by teachers from Insight Meditation Society and Spirit Rock.

    Vipassana Newsletter

    Vipassana Tribune Online - Semi-annual newsletter published by the Buddhist Wisdom Centre for the yogic community.


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